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      1. 15 Tons Per Day Combined Rice Processing Line Mill Machine

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        This machine combined by cleaning sieve, destoner, husker, paddy separator, rice whitener, crusher( optional equipment). Its fearture are easy operation, simply maintenance, no residual on paddy separator, low-temperature working, almost no bran on white rice.


        Detailed Description

        1) TDTG/15 Single Elevating Conveyor
        Supported by 0.75kw 6-level low-speed motor, it is suitable for vertical lifting of various granular materials. The lifting output is 1.0-1.5T/H.
        2) Multifunctional Destoner
        With its unique cleaning function, straw and impurities are completely separated from rice. The clearance rate of stone is over 99%, which is in leading position.
        3) New-Type Split Patty Husker
        The equipment is D&R by the German miller company, exclusive domestic production. It replaces the traditional intermesiate gear control rubber roll wiring harness with split independent drive. It is with the lowest noise and the shelling ratio increases up to 95%. Furthermore, it is efficient, wareable and maintenance-free for 5 years. It's a re-formative product in the line of rice huller.
        4) TDTG/25 Double Elevating Conveyor
        Supported by 0.75kw 6-level low speed motor, it is suitable for synchronous vertical lifting of two different granular materials double-in and double-out. The lifting output is 2.0-3.0T/H.
        5) Paddy Separator
        This equipment adopts production principle of large polished rice plant and it is equipped with unique MGCZ. Making sure that there are no rice and husk in the finished ones regardless of the type of grain or excessive water. Furthermore, there is no rice and unprocessed grain in the screen body. Rice can be processed on the equipment regardless of its quailty and complete screening can be reached, which is in leading position in the industry.
        6) Megative Pressure Emery Rice Whitener.
         This equipment features low noise and smooth operation. With its unique rice milling technique, each grain of rice can be evenly unshelled, whitened and polished while keeping close contact with the emery roller, producting very few broken rice grains and making higher rice milling rate.
        7) Broken Rice Screen 
        The milled broken rice grains will be efficiently removed through screen sieve.
        8) Main Motor
        Power for MLNS15/15 is 11kw; Power for MLNS20 is 15kw, rotating speed is 1460.
        9)Multigunctional Pulverizer
        The equipment has simple structure and it is convenient for maintenance. It is driven by independent motor. It features energy saving effcient, fine rice bran and low noise. It can grind other pellet feeds independently. It is developed by us and it is in leading position in the industry. 
        10) Central Controller
        Electronic components of equipment are exclusively provided by CHNT Electrical Group Company, which lays a soild foundation for rice milling. It is a equipped with intelligent overload protection which will help you avoid damaging equipment and motor in case of wrong operation or overload, protect operators and equipment. 


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