Emo Night Baltimore at the Recher @ The Recher
Oct 8 @ 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm

Emo Night Returns to Recher

The triumphant return of Tickle Me Emo to the Recher in Towson Maryland, for Emo Night Baltimore! The previous installment on July 31, 2021 was a huge success. First of all, the night garnered attention from emo and pop punks fans ranging from Maryland to Virginia and Pennsylvania. Second, the event brought out a dozen current radio personalities from 100.7 the Bay, Today’s 101.9, HFS, and 98 Rock. Most importantly, the entire audience left happy and entertained!

Throughout the event, emo fans young and old screamed their favorite songs. Along with the live performances from Tickle Me Emo, they brought out special guests all night to present a 4 hour show consisting of three 1 hour live sets. In between the live music, DJ Radio Josie provided the emo and pop punk tunes as the band rested, and the crowd continued the singalongs. During many moments of the night, attendees jumped, sang, screamed, started mosh pits, crowd surfed, and made the night feel like it was Warped Tour 2005 all over again.

Who is Tickle Me Emo? Not just another cover band!

Tickle Me Emo is an emo cover band from Baltimore Maryland performing all the 2000’s emo and pop punk classics! You will hear songs from bands like My Chemical Romance, Blink 182, the Used, All time Low and many more. With MCMV on the vocals leading the party, DJ Radio Josie on the turntables and sad maracas, and a rotating cast of musicians on drums, bass and guitar, this party is for emo kids young and old(ish)! “Emo kids” who used to wear heavy eye shadow, skinny jeans, their favorite band tees and the latest Hot Topic trends; or even those who simply grew up on the music and are now old enough to get into the rock clubs! Huge Rockstar energy, theatrics and singalongs will be expected at every Tickle Me Emo show.

Emo Night Baltimore at the Recher with Tickle Me Emo is a recurring event that will continue to build it’s repertoire of live performance to bring “emo kids” the very best live music experience possible!

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MCMV and DJ Radio Josie of Tickle Me Emo

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